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In the 1980s, Maple was an aggressive transit cop who moved up to the rank of transit lieutenant.

When he got tired of responding to crime instead of fighting it, he went home and put his unschooled but analytical mind to work. On 55 feet of wall space, I mapped every train station in New York City and every train," Maple recently explained.

The Daily Mail reports that Klein had to shove the shocking-looking cosmetic surgery buff into the closet to prevent another attack.

Klein -- a Canadian-born fashion mogul, according to the Mail -- then fled their Trump Tower penthouse. The couple has been dating for 13 years but sources told the British tabloid they’re now in Quitsville because Klein considered his girlfriend “a ticking time bomb.” “She can go blow up anytime, anywhere and with absolutely no reason,” a friend told the Mail.

"Then I used crayons to mark every violent crime, robbery and grand larceny that occurred. the unsolved." Later, when William Bratton was hired by the Transit Police to cut crime, Maple showed him the charts, and between 19 they cut felonies in the caves by 27 percent and robberies by a third.

While the handful of eyewitness accounts differ over who threw the first punch, one horrific fact remains: Ramirez was ruthlessly beaten and left unconscious, foaming at the mouth.

— The four white football players — stars of the Shenandoah Valley High School Blue Devils — wandered away from a party celebrating the Polish heritage of this rough borough in coal country.

They were drunk and rambunctious, spoiling for a fight.

She was awarded a whopping .5 billion plus 0 million a year for 13 years after splitting from hubby Alec Wildenstein.

He told Vanity Fair in the 1990s that his wife would get plastic surgery done “like a piece of furniture” and he was always last to know.


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