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Men money and dating 12 simple rules for dating my daughter

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Money can be a very contentious issue when you’re dating, and money can be the main cause for a relationship breakup, whether through a disparity between the people in the relationship or a complete lack of funds.

This is especially true when you’re at this stage of life.

You have assets, debts and obligations…far more complications than when you were in your 20s and had an apartment and 0 in the bank.

If your finances are stretched, then speak honestly about the financial situation.

Face it, these are important things you want to know about a man, yet they’re topics you’re taught to tip-toe around.

One of the articles I was quoted in this week was the Wall Street Journal’s Money Watch.

You can and should talk about money, sex, health issues…anything!

But, as with so many things, it’s the ‘HOW’ you do it that really counts.

Money is such an emotionally loaded topic that few couples discuss it directly.

Men and women are different in many ways, but we’re more the same than you may think. We all have dating disappointments and horror stories.

Just like how you’ve dated your share of challenging types of men like the Pinger, the Couch Potato and the older-and-balder-than-his-profile-guy…men also meet and enter into relationships with less-than-impressive types of women.


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