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Here's a quick look at all of the Sign's roles through the years, including the Sign’s co-stars and director, and a brief description of its appearance... As a result, native Angelenos subsequently refer to the area as “Hollywoo” (since the “D” from the sign is missing).

The conclusion of the episode sees the “D” accidentally destroyed in a helicopter crash near the Hollywoo Hills Super-Max prison.

The character was created by series creator Tim Kring and portrayed by actress Kristen Bell.

Elle was created by Kring to act as a contrast to the rest of the characters, who had all recently found out they had abilities, whereas Elle had known her whole life.

The Sign plays a part in the opening credits as Victoria Justice sings.

Look for the Sign several times in the background and near the “Hollywood Arts” performing arts high school.

You can also see the Sign in several quick edits between scenes in the show.

While the character of Elle was created before Bell was cast, following her casting, the character was slightly altered to better resemble her.

Hayden did the English voice acting for the character of "Kairi" in the popular Square Enix games Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2.

Kristen Bell is the actress who portrays Elle Bishop.

Elle was one of the new characters introduced in the second season and according to contract, would continue on the series for at least 13 episodes into season three.

Elle is introduced in the episode "Fight or Flight" as an agent of the Company, an organization whose primary purpose is to identify, monitor and study those individuals with special abilities.


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