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Long nails dating upper class dating

Ask your provider about medicines that help with abnormal-appearing nails. If you have a nail infection, you may be prescribed antifungal or antibacterial drugs. It might look more like a horizontal blob on this nail.

Add to that the nails which tell wood, treatment, and other information, and toss in all date nails used in poles and other timbers, and the total number of different nails from this continent easily exceeds 3,500. This one was manufactured to be 2 1/2" long (it was cut a little short), and is made from steel wire 1/4" in diameter. Note the crude, somewhat faint diamond on the shank to the left of the anchor markings.

For a good site on date nails from poles, go to Scott Weed's site:

Most date nails are steel, though many are copper, aluminum, malleable iron, or brass.

Gee thanks, now I'm picturing those plastic faced girls with two inch long eye lashes and three inch long nails. I believe it's really the womans turn on if she has the long claws!!

my ex LOVED to run her F*ing Long A$$ nails up and down my back. no big deal until one time she got WAAAAAY to into it and totally sliced up my back to the point of bleeding. I look at those fake nails and think how the hell would anyone find that attractive. length nails, clean and well kept, are way more attractive to men. As others have pointed out, the press-ons are no good. I really like it when I see a woman who takes care of her nails. Personally, I like them long enough that you can see them but not so long that they get in the way. I guess in an office environment you would call them professionally feminine.


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