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Linda evans dating

However, she is most prominently known for the role of Krystle Carrington, the devoted wife of Blake Carrington (played by John Forsythe) in the 1980s ABC prime time soap opera Dynasty, a role she played from 1981 to 1989.Evans, the second of three daughters, was born Linda Evenstad in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1942, to Arlene (née Dart; 1917–1969) and Alba Evenstad (1904–1958), both of whom were professional dancers.Yanni would dismiss the notion that the Star Is Born factor was a damper on their relationship."No one is happier than Linda to see [my success] happen," Yanni said in USA Weekend.And then I realized that of course she wanted to be in his life, as I wanted to be in his life when we weren’t together. When you were married to him he made you everything. The fact that John fell in love with her, it’s not as if she had a design for him. But when I took my mind off the men in my life and put it on me, my career took off and I realized, ‘Why do I want him? Evans: I had a feeling when I read the script that it could be like that. We shot it for the whole day slugging it out on our knees. I wouldn’t give up being wiser for a young face and a tight body for anything. Few men say you are the moon and the stars and live 24/7 as if you were. I can go and find somebody else that I can fall in love with. To me it was one of the greatest pilots I’d ever read. George Peppard was the original Blake Carrington and blessed be life that George and Aaron Spelling and the network decided to disagree and John Forsythe came in and replaced him, and then once they put in the character of Alexis, we just took off. When you get older you let go of needing so many things, your hormones are driving you, you’re free, and you’ve learned life lessons.

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Recipes for Life is a surprisingly candid -- not to mention surprisingly delicious -- collection of both Evans’ memories and her recipes."After all, she's the one who introduced me to the American public." Ever the unbridled lovers, Evans and Yanni never married.They had no children--unless you count Yanni's songs.And so there is no gentle way to put this: New Age musician Yanni and ex-Dynasty diva Linda Evans are kaput. And yet the wealth of their "wonderful" years together could not overcome this: "We feel our lives moving in different directions."Oh, those sensitive, crunchy granola, Birkenstock types. "They should be an energy giver rather than an energy drainer." Deep? Evans and Yanni began their joint quest for "extraordinary personal experiences" in 1989.She was a top-flight TV star and leading proponent of evening gowns with really big shoulder pads.Refreshing, and downright fun, Linda Evans reveals a well rounded, classy and caring portrait that belies all the "dirt" we hear about Hollywood celebrities. Check out this interview with Linda, calling "A unique blend of cookbook and memoir of a life well lived – her stories are poignant, intense, funny and reflective, punctuated by her surprisingly robust sense of humor and a graciousness that comes through on every page." Take a dash of Hollywood, throw in two failed marriages, stir in a passion for cooking and top it off with a sprinkle of celebrity boyfriends. The ingredients for Linda Evans' new book, is sure to please the die-hard Linda Evans' fans; you'll love getting to go backstage on the Dynasty set.And even if you're too young to remember the early years, Evans still is a fascinating woman in her own right with a lifetime of experiences to share.Linda Evans, who will be forever remembered as Krystle Carrington from "Dynasty," has penned a memoir called "Recipes for Life." It turns out the blonde stunner is quite adept behind a stove and loves to entertain.Evans, who just turned 69, also seems like one of the nicest persons on the planet.Linda Evans, beloved actress, makes each recipe a story. In her book Linda opens up, sharing secrets for living.The recipes Linda Evans shares in her new book, "Recipes for Life," are a reflection of the sweetness and charm in her soul.


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