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From Jzoog founder Arnie Singer: For most of its history Judaism has taken a harsh stand against intermarriage. We all know that intermarriage is a huge issue facing the continuity of the Jewish community in the US.According to the latest Pew study 58 percent of Jews who married after 2005 chose someone of a different faith.This conversation seemed very “un-Millennial”–as a whole, our generation is marrying later, becoming more secular, and embracing different cultures more than any of our predecessors.If the same question had been asked about any other aspect of our shared identities–being white, being educated, coming from middle or upper-middle class backgrounds—it would have seemed impolite, if not offensive.Fact Monster has an interesting article: “A Tale of Two Easters: Why one faith and two celebrations?” by Borgna Brunner that gives an overview of a complex and knotty problem: The Western church does not use the actual, or astronomically correct date for the vernal equinox, but a fixed date (March 21).Members describe in detail their Jewish background, ancestry, participation in Jewish causes, their commitment to Israel and the Jewish people.

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There’s a reason for the “willing to convert” or “other options.” Yarus didn’t give me exact numbers on how many people registered with the app aren’t Jewish, but I found a gentile JSwiper within about 12 hours of seeking out the general population of users.

On 31 March 2013 Western Christians (Protestants and Roman Catholics) will be celebrating Jesus Christ’s rising from the dead.

Due to different calendars Western and Eastern Easter celebrations in 2013 will be a month apart: 31 March and 5 May. However, even with these instructions there would still be differences over how to carry out these instructions.

C., past trips to Israel, and guilt over skipping religious services earlier that day.

And then the conversation turned to dating.“Would you ever marry a non-Jew? Answers varied; one person said she wasn’t sure, while another said she might consider marrying someone who was willing to convert.


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