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The Muslim authority administering the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City tried to install its own cameras on the Temple Mount, but was blocked by Israeli police Monday.

Israel said the cameras are supposed to be installed only after Israeli and Jordanian “technical teams” meet to finalize the specific arrangements.

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The Jordanian-run Waqf said a team was “working on the installation of cameras belonging to the Islamic Waqf…

The technical teams would meet soon to finalize the specifics, the PMO added.

“The complete agreements concerning the manner and placement of cameras on the Temple Mount plaza which were agreed upon by Israel, Jordan and the United States are intended to be coordinated by professional officials,” Netanyahu’s office said.

Once a decision is made it will be implemented with the approval and coordination of all relevant parties.” Israeli officials said there would be no change to the status quo at the site — including installation of cameras — without the agreement of all sides, Channel 2 reported.

A spokesperson from the Prime Minister’s Office said Israel was committed to installing the cameras.


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