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Intimidating eratic driving tactics

His strategy is less useful inquiry as it is active indimidation of the agencies ...

more As a longtime member of Congress, Lamar Smith wields significant influence.

They were also generous with granting “national security letters," which allow the FBI to force credit card companies, financial institutions, and internet service providers to give confidential records about customers’ subscriber information, phone number, email addresses and the websites they’ve visited.Yet, in many cases, law enforcement officers are attaching GPS devices without first getting a warrant.In October 2010, 20-year old Arab-American student Yasir Afifi was concerned that he had found a pipe bomb when he noticed a “black, rectangular device” attached to his car.Upon finding the device, he posted photos to hoping someone could tell him what was on his vehicle.A couple days later, FBI agents showed up at his apartment to “retrieve the device.” Turns out, the mysterious device resembling a bomb, which had understandably petrified Afifi, was a GPS device.Here are five cases of FBI abuse that show the FBI deserves more scrutiny, not a free pass to continue fighting the so-called “war on terror.” 1.FBI’s Use of Warrantless GPS Tracking Given the fact that Americans have a constitutional right to privacy, one might think you have to get a warrant to place a GPS device in a location that can track a suspect 24 hours a day.In many situations, attempting to scare a young attorney is their best leverage.Chairman of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee Lamar Smith, R-Texas, is playing a dangerous game with climate change.The website wrote about the footage: 'We have all no doubt seen the Range Rover episode that we posted a few days back...What the bikers DIDN'T want you to see, is that they make a habit of these deliberate intimidation techniques year after year.'Reginald Chance, 38, who police say is the biker seen in a video smashing his helmet against Lien’s SUV and yanking him out of the vehicle, came forward Friday night along with 35-year-old Robert Sims - who was shown in the video stomping on the driver's head.


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