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This book assumes that the reader is familiar with the basic concepts behind object-relational mapping (such as domain modeling) and SQL.

A domain model represents the various entities in a system and their relationships. A simple domain model of this application can be expressed in UML as follows.

Your can add your business logic to these classes and committ them to a version control system.

Because you could have custom business logic in these classes, the code generator will not re-generate these classes if they already exist in the target directory.

the Civil War*, and then later became a Buffalo Soldier, one of the black soldiers sent to fight the United States’ wars against Native Americans.

He was something stolen from birth, given to a sort of freedom, which he then for a time loaned to the United States in service of enslaving someone else.

This is pretty likely: Trice made his living as a buffalo hunter for a while, and most of the large surviving buffalo herds would have been up north, where Native Americans had been hunting them for centuries.

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