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Was the removal of the work censorship on the part of the Jewish Museum? Why were there so many men using this site as a backdrop — was it callousness or something more?

Although some time has passed, I reached out to Adelman via email to try and understand more about the project.

Unfortunately for legal reasons Adelman couldn’t answer many of my questions regarding the lawsuit directly, but he does shed some much-needed light on the project as a whole.

* * * Marc Adelman: I studied in Berlin on a scholarship in 2003–2004.

He is an ardent pole dancer, who won the Singapore Pole Challenge 2012 and represented his country at the International Pole Championships 2013.

In two open university classes, everyone get a chance to explore a number of relevant dance themes.

Den Lovoo Login machen inzwischen rund 2,1 Millionen Mitglieder mehr oder weniger regelmäßig.

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In a second open university class Singaporean dramaturge Tang Fu Kuen discusses various contemporary innovations in Asiatic dance.

In this subtle solo work about relationships, Daniel Kok reveals - just like an ethnographer - not only the field data of his gay date research, but also himself as an object of projection and speculation.

Daniel Kok graduated from MA Solo/Dance/Authourship of the Inter-University Collaborative Dance Centre (HZT) in Berlin and the Advanced Performance and Scenographic Studies programme (APASS) in Brussels.

I ended up staying a second year and have returned to Berlin several times since leaving in 2005 to complete my MFA in Chicago.

Upon returning to Germany in the summer of 2007, a colleague of mine asked me if I had seen the images on Gay Romeo — the ubiquitous gay dating site in Germany — of men posing in the Eisenman memorial.


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