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Dating customs in guinea

At many weddings in Papua New Guinea most women wear grass aprons without a shirt and prior to the wedding the men and women divide into two groups. Both men and women paint their faces with details symbolic of the clan and this process, especially for the bride and groom can take hours to complete.

Once a couple (or their families) decide to marry the groom's family is expected to pay the bride's family money (along with pigs and shells) and the bride is expected to work as requested by her husband.

An unlimited amount of foreign currency can be imported providing it is declared upon entry.

A small amount of any foreign currency brought into the country will need to be changed into local currency –amount depending on the immigration authorities.

If the couple doesn't live with the husband's parents it is likely they live next door or within walking distance.

Most couples in Papua New Guinea have three to four children, although this number varies to a degree.


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