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Like Instagram and Snapchat, you can set up multiple updates, which will play one after the other, giving your contacts a full view of your day.

New updates will be shown when users open up Whats App, separate from existing conversations in a new Status tab.

FOR 16-year-old Rabeya* living in a small town in Sylhet, the introduction of the Internet was a blessing in many ways.

With strict parents who did not allow her to go out of the house alone, she was glad to have access to another world where there was no one overseeing her interactions or telling her what to do.

Between 19, he was a regular host for fifteen years on the BBC's flagship Saturday afternoon sports programme Grandstand.

Bough was one of the BBC's football commentators for the 1966 World Cup in England and covered the match at Ayresome Park in Middlesbrough where North Korea defeated Italy 1-0, Bough went on to present the early evening magazine programme Nationwide.

Whats App says that the addition, launched in time to mark its 8th birthday, is a reaction to changes in how people are using the app.“When we noticed people were using the feature to communicate in real time, we redesigned Whats App as a messaging app,” Whats Appp CEO Jan Koum wrote.“This new and improved status feature will let you keep your friends who use Whats App easily updated in a fun and simple way." Previously, Whats App users were only able to set their own message as a status, or choose from a number of pre-set alternatives such as “At Work” or “Available”.

The new Status, which was originally set to launch on Friday but has apparently been unleashed early, will let Whats App users send short clips to their friends, which can be photos, videos or GIFs These can be further customised by adding emoji and text annotations, with a wide variety of colours available.He said the police compared pictures of the female activist when she was arrested over an alleged plot against the government on Feb 4 with her suspected pictures in the Whats App conversation.Hery said the team also used a bio-finder method, during which they checked Ms Firza's naked pictures in the Whats App conversations and her pictures on her ID card and in the Home Ministry's e-ID database.When she refused, his whole demeanour towards her changed; he began to send her highly inappropriate images and videos and make derogatory comments about her appearance and character.As Rabeya tried to block and delete him from his friend list, he threatened to call her parents and tell them what a “whore” she was.The images, threats and calls became more frequent and more offensive as days passed, and with no one to ask for help, a traumatised and scared Rabeya, who blamed herself for it all, finally reached her breaking point and attempted suicide.Although she survived, the episode left a deep scar in Rabeya; she developed a mistrust of everyone around her and continued to suffer from clinical depression.JAKARTA: The Indonesian National Police has said that a facial recognition analysis has confirmed that a naked woman who appeared in sex chats allegedly involving Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) leader Rizieq Shihab is female activist Firza Husein.Hery Cahyono, a face recognition expert from the police's Indonesia Automatic Fingerprints Identification System (Inafis) division, said the authorities used several methods, including biometrics, to check whether the woman who appeared in the sex chats was really Firza.Over a long broadcasting career, Bough became renowned for his smooth, relaxed and professional approach to live broadcasts, once being described as "the most unassailable performer on British television".Bough was born in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.


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