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Benzino and karlie redd are they dating

But before rumors could get too out of hand, rapper “Mr.

Papers” fessed up on his Instagram account with the caption “I heard everybody looking for me? stirred up some old school drama when she revealed that Woody Allen might not be her son Ronan Allen’s father.

Tommie on the other hand might have become Joseline’s arch nemesis this season because according to word in the ATL, Tommie has slept with Stevie too.

Althea eventually names her price, but not before Benzino has to choke down a full crow with a side of humble pie. it looks like they arrived together, and MIGHT be leaving together.

So, maybe Benzino's already working his way out of the doghouse?

She was discovered by Stevie J while performing as a stripper under the name Shenellica Bettencourt.

The couple's break up was documented in the fifth season.


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