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We had a go at dating the stock, making up food parcels and trying to organise the space.It's a mammoth job for Gareth and the staff, but will be a great space when it's all finished.I was a surprise guest at Blakesley Hall Primary School's assembly, where I presented the school with a cheque for £200 after they finished as runners-up in our latest in-store Green Token Giving customer vote.The school council (Neo, Adam, Hamid, Jemmima, Asma, Faizaal, Maavla, Keeley, Sahil) wrote a very persuasive letter, asking for help with their project.

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It’s hoped that it will mean there is far less waste while helping supermarkets keep the price of food down.Entertainer, Lee Marshall who plays the character Discoboy Lee Marshall, brought his unique dance fever to the ASDA Greenhithe, much to the delight of store members.The 30-year-old, along with two other youtubers, ran amok, singing, dancing and prankster-grooving up on escalators and jumping on tills.Eventually the public rave was brought to ahead by the security guard who asked the trio to leave.According to the Kent entertainer, they left without fuss.The school is saving towards improvements to the playgrounds.Their aim is to make the playground more appealing at breaktimes.TOP STORIES: “You get addicted to the feedback from the audience.“I really enjoy making the videos - you’re always trying better yourself and be more creative.Affected staff have been assured they will be transferred to the new Asda store. Read more: Dad took police on 15-mile chase Carer Tony Shaw, aged 60, of Werrington, said: "My wife does all of the shopping and she goes to Asda, Aldi or Tesco.She didn't go to the Co-op because it was far too expensive.


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