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The kind of culture he cares about is mobile and far-flung and can be grasped better on the move. On the twelve weekends before I saw him in London, H. O., as Obrist is known, had been in Basel, for the art fair; Ronchamp, France, for a wedding, in the chapel designed by Le Corbusier; Munich, for a talk with Matthew Barney; Berlin, where he maintains an apartment primarily to house ten thousand books, for an interview with Rosemarie Trockel; Frankfurt, for a panel with Peter Fischli; Arles, where he is helping to design a new museum; Singapore, to meet emerging artists; Munich again, to interview the young Estonian artist Katja Novitskova; Los Angeles, for a panel on art and Instagram; Vienna, to guest-curate an exhibit of unrealized design projects; Majorca, to see Miquel Barceló’s ceramic murals in the cathedral; Edinburgh, where Obrist’s new memoir, “Ways of Curating,” was featured at the book fair; and Vancouver, where he appeared onstage with the novelist and futurist Douglas Coupland.

Climate change, acidification, overfishing, habitat destruction, population growth and plastic pollution are just some of the factors affecting the health of our marine environment.His research addresses questions like how we learn, why we sleep and how stress affects the brain. Medina’s work addresses why multi-tasking is a myth, and what science can teach us about raising smart, happy children. Medina also addresses several myths about the brain.First, contrary to what we hear in the movies, we use much more than 10 percent of our brains.When I visited him in London in late August, two exhibitions that he had organized were up: “512 hours,” a “durational performance” piece by Marina Abramović, and a show of computer-generated video art by Ed Atkins.But on weekends Obrist becomes who he truly is: a traveller.The first works gave me the freedom to actively engage myself in the contemporary art world and I have not looked back.Yes, I suppose with anything I do, I undertake a lot of research first.I want to understand the language of art and be cognizant of why I like a particular work or practice.It was about developing an aesthetic taste that resonated with me.You can say art has always been in my blood and upbringing.I became confident in acquiring artworks around 2008.


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