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Spanks if wanted/needed for naughty little ones, but Daddy prefers positive re-enforcement. I am a very loving caring mummy who will cuddle you, hug you, feed you, read you stories, sing to you, wash you, change you, massage you ;-) ... Will change and powder wet nappies and knickers, bath and cuddle. Notes: I will come to your home in the Northampton, Kettering, Wellingborough and surrounding areas (will go further if travel covered). I have adult baby blow up cot, nappies, some clothes, diapers ect.

) : DNotes: I have a large cot, loads of toys, baby grows, girlie clothes for sissies, diapers/nappies all sizes..so on. Rate: £200 for the first two hours sixty pounds for each additional hour. I also like discreet outdoor play and maybe taking my little one out in nappies under their adult clothes, and or changing them in a real baby change room, or one of the new Adult "Changing Rooms", which feel like REAL Big Baby rooms, but are in fact for disabled adults. Have terry nappies and plastic pants and other pants/knickers for big baby girls or can use your own. Very sensitive to your demanding, and complete it's mission perfectly. I do everything change diapers, everything you desire.

Welcome to the Mommy's, Daddy's and Baby Sitters page. I'm looking for a daddy who would like to have their own diaper boy. The nursery is well equipped to meet all your baby needs.

The listings below are sorted alphabetically by city name. I'm looking to be a daddy for anyone under age of 25 in England. I'm happy to play the baby role, perhaps student teacher. The Carers have all had real child care experience and are used to looking after precious little ones.

He sucked it, spit on it, and then he stood up and put his hands on his desk and wiggled his ass for me.

But if you have been naughty Mummy can be very strict. Nanny / Mummy also available either alone or to assist Daddy in all role play. Spanking and disipline is compulsory for naughty children! I will feed you, hold you close and cuddle you, change wet diapers, play and entertain you all day. xxxxx Notes: I cannot accommodate, but willing to meet in public first, then maybe a hotel meet (you pay for the room).So, when the big day finally arrived, I walked into his home office wearing just my fat black strap on cock and a pair of stilettos. He just got up, walked over to me, and dropped down onto his knees and wrapped his mouth around my strap on.I told him that he better suck it good and get it nice and sloppy because that’s all of the lube he’d be getting. Good luck on your search and finding the one your searching for. I have a fair share of experiences with nappies and kink. My number is 07751629508 but please do text only, my phone plays up an awful lot. Notes: Come to Mummy EVE's well equipped beautiful Adult Baby Nursery. Notes: Overnight stay includes Evening meal and Breakfast, all babies drinks. Can cater to most needs so please feel free to ask questions and requests. Notes: I'm a 22 year old young guy who would like to offer my services into pleasing the older gentlemen. Notes: Full size adult cot, over 6 feet tall, high chair, terry nappies, dresses and wigs for little girls, romper suits and breaches for little boys. Lots of hugs, and for those who stay five days more more a full day out with mummy and daddy. We will create a range of activities suited to your dreams, talking before the session in great detail about what you will experience during your stay with us.Otherwise, everything else in your life will suffer.Our program is successful because it helps you properly prioritize your incontinence, which is the first step toward controlling and, later, eliminating this embarrassing problem. I think most of you who call me regularly already know that.He loves being fucked in the ass, but I didn’t always allow that.They are a visible and tactile symbol of your inability to stay clean and dry.The day to day care of your diapers and diaper area, as well as the difficulty you will face in hiding them from other people, will constantly remind you that you do indeed have an infantile problem which needs prompt and constant attention.


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